the x-files college au [x]


If anyone has earned a second chance, it's you.

AU MEME : Bat Country (previously hereand  here)


au meme: true detective + new season

Starring Ruth Wilson, Ken Watanabe, and Nathan Stewart-Jarrett

Stone cold prodigy Detective Rosalyn Crome (Ruth Wilson) has headed her fair share of cases throughout the state of New Mexico, from drug cartels to serial killers. Using ruthless tactics, cunning intellect, and the assistance of her veteran partner, Daniel Nakano (Ken Watanabe), Rosalyn has maintained a near perfect success rate over the years of her service. However, when a string of bizarre killings emerges in the blazing deserts, Rosalyn bites off more than she can chew as she attempts to juggle her obsession with the case, the new city-bred rookie, Thomas McMullen (Nathan Stewart-Jarett), and her relapsing hallucinations from a previous drug addiction.


don’t make a move ‘til i say ‘action’ —

FAKE FILM MEME » for @seymouring
Rose Byrne, Michael Shannon & Matthew Goode, respectively, as a struggling actress and a desperate director who separately made Faustian bargains with a ruthless agent in order to create the film that will define, and ultimately ruin, their careers — and lives — when the agent comes to collect on his deal.


yeah, i still want that prohibition era au.


I’m not one of your “good people”.

AU MEME : Selina/Rachel & Rachel/Harvey  +  Det. Anna Ramirez 

Detective Ramirez only wanted to clean up her old neighborhood but when thief Selina Kyle cuts a deal with Assistant DA Rachel Dawes to turn a crime lord over; the three become entangled in affairs and conspiracies with far-reaching consequences. 


“Death is the most sophisticated form of beauty, and the most difficult to accept.” - Simon Van Booy, Everything Beautiful Began After
Natalie Dormer and Dane DeHaan playing equally murderous, rich twins. Inspired by this post.

Phantoms: What if, in another universe, I deserve you? (The AU where your otp is never meant to be with each other, on infinite timeloop)

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I’m a detective. If I worship anything - it’s logic.

AU MEME : Bat Country (previously here)


How can you have a day without a night
You’re the book that I have opened
And now I’ve got to know much more