Orphan Black AU - The clones as assassins.

In which Sarah, Helena, Cosima and Alison are highly skilled assassins created by a former governmental institute called the Dyad. The idea was creating these cloned women as an experiment for future trained officers but the Dyad was corrupted and the project gained evil intentions.

AU: The Dark Knight Rises / Glamrock

(in which Batman is Bruce Wayne’s stage persona)


Nothing in the cry
of cicadas suggests they
are about to die.

 - comorbidities au 

Ladies and gentlemen, we are floating in space.

Jessica Chastain, Tom Hardy, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, & Joseph Gordon-Levitt in a space thriller for @sevensneakyfoxes 

An A.I. (Chastain) programmed to guide three astronauts on a mission to save Earth (Hardy, Winstead, Gordon-Levitt) begins to gain sentience and autonomy — and has a different plan not only for the human race but the three humans aboard her ship.


Iskru tushi do pozhara, bedu otvodi do udara

AU MEME : Arthur/Eames/Saito (Inception) + bizarre, self-indulgent organized crime influenced origin story!

A year after the Fischer job, Saito wants to get the team back together to do an extraction on one of his top business competitors. The mark is a Russian mogul with rumored ties to the Solntsevskaya Bratva. Everyone on the team is brought together except Arthur, who no one can locate. When they finally find him they are first greeted by a man who they know only as a vor in the Odessa Mafia and a close associate of their mark. Upon learning he’s is actually Arthur’s father, curiosity and tensions rise. 

 Arthur’s father grew up practically destitute in Moscow. To make ends meet he began running little errands for the Izmaylovskaya bratva. At 17 he started an affair with a much older American tourist and she became up pregnant and he convinces her to marry him and take him back with her to America, where Arthur was born. But after a difficult pregnancy and birth Arthur’s mother’s mental health deteriorated rapidly. Two years later while attempting to leave her husband, they got into a violent argument and she stabbed him with a small kitchen knife. In response he fatally shot her. With the help of the Odessa Mafia’s influence on corrupt police officials, her death was ruled justifiable homicide in which Vincent was acting in self defense.  This left Arthur’s father to raise him on his own and he threw himself into the task in the darkest, most obsessive ways. Ultimately it was he who introduced Arthur to dreamshare. 

Arthur doesn’t want to take the job at first, but surprisingly his father convinces him to join the team, keeping his reasons to himself. He  agrees despite being on shaky ground with Eames; who he had and been with for a few months after Inception before Arthur abruptly walked out on him. During that time they worked closely with Saito and the lines between professional and personal relationships between the three gradually began to blur. Now they’re together again on this job which at first seems pretty simple compared to the Fischer job but, as Arthur’s father’s presence and motives for wanting him involved begin to grow, becomes far more difficult and dangerous than first expected.

I am tired of Earth. These people. Tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.

FAKE FILME MEME » for @bsidegirl
Jessica Chastain, Tom Hardy, Guy Pearce, Chris Hemsworth, Rose Byrne, & Matthew Goode in a spy film

The world’s greatest spies are the stuff of nightmares: a top-secret division of the CIA is comprised solely of the supernatural. A burnt-out former field agent (Pearce) is tasked with trying to keep this motley crew in line, from the rookie firestarter able to start fires with her mind (Chastain) to the werewolf trying — in vain — to adopt a vegan lifestyle (Hardy) to the former cage-fighter with super human strength and an anger management problem (Hemsworth) to the poltergeist who has regained corporeality for the first time since 1929 (Byrne). All is business as usual — saving the world, lather, rinse, repeat — until a bored playboy vampire (Goode) decides to wreak some havoc, bringing into question why any of them even bother toiling away in secret to keep the human race safe. 


That other cloning project..


OBLIVION / an arthur + eames + saito mix


The lights are on, but you’re not home. Your mind is not your own.

for dangerous dreamers and a dark little craving


demon host - timbre timbre / when I’m small - phantogram / smokey taboo - cocorosie / ghostwriter - rjd2 / your lips are red - st vincent / sleep tonight (junior boys remix) - stars / little hands - mother mother / don’t let me be misunderstood - nina simone / in the barrel of a gun - emily wells / oedipus - regina spektor / addicted to love - florence + the machine / running from the cops - phantogram / honey - moby / 1940 - the submarines / the good that won’t come out - rilo kiley / 90 mile water wall - the national  / the rip - portishead / marked - ema / sinnerman - nina simone



in collaboration with velificantes


AU Meme | Luther, sci fi (@suchasadaffair)

AU meme: Where instead of Brian Zeller, Freddie Lounds seduced Beverly Katz