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AU MEME : Arthur/Eames (Inception) + thriller /psycho-sexual drama for @solutionforreality

Struggling illusionist Eames believes he may have found his ticket to success when he meets a renowned travelling contemporary circus. He soon finds himself falling for its star attraction, the fire dancer Arthur, but all is not as it seems at the mysterious company. As Eames becomes further immersed into its bizarre and mystical world, his suspicions of the circus’ darker elements grow. And when he tries to flee, and take Arthur with him, he puts himself directly in the path of danger. 


WHO ARE THE BRAIN POLICE ?: A 60’s psychedelic - inspired mix for Inception

I can access your mind through your dreams.

White Rabbit – Emiliana Torrini |  Loose Heart = Loose Plan – Moonface | Dazed and Confused – Led Zeppelin | All My Light (RZA Remix)– Portugal. The Man | Helter Skelter – The Beatles | Colouring of Pigeons – The Knife (In Collaboration with Mt. Sims and Planningtorock)| In Every Dream Home a Heartache– Roxy Music | Wish You Were Here – Bliss | Unfinished Maps (Yeah Yeah Yeahs VS Massive Attack) - Phil RetroSpector  |  Shine On You Crazy Diamond – Kendra  Morris |California Dreamin’ (Minnesota RMX) - The Mama’s & The Papa’s | Heartbreaking Bravery – Moonface  |  You Go On Ahead (Trumpet Trumpet II) – Sunset Rubdown | Across the Universe – Fiona Apple 

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When the gods wish to punish us they answer our prayers.


Michael K. Williams as Poseidon
Tilda Swinton as Athena
Diane Kruger as Artemis
Ezra Miller as Ganymede
Evan Rachel Wood as Dionysus
Michael Shannon as Zeus

Anna Mouglalis as Hera

Tom Hardy as Apollo

Marion Cotillard as Aphrodite 



they promise altars and arks;

the hollow earth, the ascending light.

you will be gold, and gold again.

you are not surprised when their throats

are torn open, revealed to be hollow.

You’re No Bold Villain 


And we’re carrying the fire.

Fancast/Au Meme : In post-occupation Gotham, Nightwing isn’t the only dark knight on the rise.

Anthony Mackie as Jason Todd/Red Hood

Bridget Regan as Barbara Gordon/Oracle

Yin Chang as Cassandra Cain/Batgirl


it can’t be for nothing.

AU MEME : Arthur/Eames + Arthur as a trans woman.

From an early age, Arthur learned that not everyone is willing to accept you for who you truly are. Thrown out and disowned by her wealthy family for being intimate with boys she makes the choice to hide her true gender from the world until she feels safe and able to protect herself.

A successful career in the military and a stint on Project Somnacin brings her into contact with the Cobbs and the world of dreamshare. Professionally, Arthur thrives while personally a series of brief romantic affairs with men and women bring no satisfaction for her. After a fling with the forger Eames ends on an especially bad note,  Arthur realizes she will never be able to accept the body she has now and covertly begins her transition, starting hormone therapy. Then Mal jumps and changes everything. She and Cobb go on the run and Arthur puts the rest of her transition on hold.

With the Inception job comes the return of an old lover and unresolved feelings. Arthur keeps her secret but can’t keep her attraction to Eames from resurfacing. When the job ends Arthur cuts off contact with all the teams members, determined to start a new life for herself where she can live as the woman she is out in the open. She finishes her transition, but decides to stay in the profession she’s made such an impact in. However the world of dreamshare is a small one and it is only a matter of time before Arthur comes face to face with people from her past.  

I’ve got the blood, but not the bloodlust

You need

AU MEME : Open Pairings + Dark Mythology 

While on a heist at the residential mansion of visiting Wayne Board members from the companies Pretoria office Selina Kyle departs with more than precious diamonds. Buried in a hand made glass chest is a seemingly unremarkable but no less valuable large decorative egg she takes as a trophy. But after several months the true nature of her trinket is revealed; in the midst of a violent thunderstorm the egg hatches to reveal an infant of sorts covered head to toe in black and white feathers. After being bitten by the child Selina, unable and unwilling to keep for this unknown creature searches for someone else to have him; eventually ending up business of a local sangoma who tells her she has stolen a rare and potentially chaotic being.  An impundulu; in harmony with thunder and lighting but possessing an insatiable appetite for blood. Once learning how the lighting bird came into Selina’s possession the woman refuses to tell her how to fully release herself from the role of its master but does offer to place him with a neighboring South African woman engaged to married one Johnathan Blake. However should the adopted parents come to any harm the child; by nature partial to serving women and never forgetting the taste of its first master’s blood, will seek out Selina once more.

After the death of both his parents Robin John Blake runs away from the orphanage his first night there and returns to the sangoma who helps him track down Selina. She reluctantly agrees to finally accept the role of his master once John, no longer needing to take the guise of a child, shifts into an adult form for cover. It is a union which quickly becomes stained with blood and conflict as John’s thirst grows to high for animal blood to satiate him. When human blood becomes a necessity they turn to Selina’s enemies; which does not weigh easily on either of them.

But soon comes another woman, born in darkness and now moving through the light of high society with a mask always in place. A woman who may inadvertently offer Selina a chance at full freedom and provide John with a more suitable master. 


Upset the established order, and everything becomes chaos. 

{x} {x}

Disco … will never be over.

AU MEME » Mad Men + the disco era for @velificantes.


THE GAMBIT / an inception + hunger games au


Keep on running, young dreamer


Coal War - Joshua James / The Devil Never Sleeps - Iron & Wine / The Last Shootout - Daniel Hart / Abraham’s Daughter - Arcade Fire / Run Boy Run - Woodkid / Wild One - I Am Harlequin / The Ocean In Me - Loch Awe / Lay Me Down - Cold Specks / Youth - Daughter / Bob Escapes - Daniel Hart / Clap Your Hands - The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band / Audience - Cold War Kids / Tomorrow Will Be Kinder - The Secret Sisters / We Move Lightly - Dustin O’Halloran / Welcome Home - Radical Face / Overture - Patrick Wolf / Rivers & Roads - The Head & The Heart / The Bagman’s Gambit - The Decemberists 


in collaboration with velificantes